A brief introduction to Three Blind Mice : Episode 000

22 Sep, 2018


This short opening episode introduces Three Blind Mice by Radio.Events – the podcast made for events professionals by event professionals. A podcast that goes behind the scenes of what is hip and happening in the extraordinary world of Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events. The little pod with a cast of thousands – you!

It sets out to star the unsung heroes behind so many great experiences – the bods who make it happen. This podcast is occasionally naughty, sometimes controversial, bright-eyed, maybe a little bit lary, but hopefully never dull.

This short introductory episode of the Three Blind Mice podcast also introduces its host, the honorary doc, Randle Stonier. We’re getting this out the way now so you don’t have to hear it in very episode.

Episode notes

0:15 – Welcome
1:02 – Introduction to the host
2:58 – Why Three Blind Mice and why an events podcast
3:38 – What we want to achieve with Three Blind Mice
4:00 – Come and be a guest
4:20 – A big favour please…
4:37 – Coming over the coming weeks and months


Randle Stonier, HonDEd.

Three Blind Mice is edited and mixed by Sam Williams at RightRoyalAudio.com
Produced by www.radio.events

© Copyright 2018 Radio.Events

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