What’s going on in the Events industry : Episode 001

5 Oct, 2018

Health and Safety in Events
“…doing a venue check on a hotel in Paris, a well-known hotel…. I walked down the emergency staircase … I was faced by the usual emergency exit doors. Every exit door was chained and padlocked.”

“Every Tom, Dick and Harry can jump on board and call themselves an event organiser and off they go “

“Will Brexit be the party pooper for the UK events industry?”


Three Blind MICE sits down with two events industry stalwarts to talk events – and what’s going on. We talk, don’t get too excited, Brexit and the Events Industry, Freelancers, Destinations, the changing face of events agencies/production companies, and most seriously of all, ‘Houston we have a problem’ – and it’s called Health & Safety in Events, or a lack of it!

This is a kind of technical dress rehearsal for subsequent Three Blind MICE podcasts. It’s a bit too long for one sitting. But we’re aiming to get there. We believe there’s some good and important stuff here. We hope you agree. Thanks for your understanding.

Episode notes

1:12 – Introducing our guests and much laughter
3:22 – UK event excellence, some important stats
4:08 – Will Brexit be the party pooper for the UK events industry?
9:40 – The changing face of the UK events industry: people, regulations, standards, free for all
13:14 – Concerns about health and safety in the events industry: no risk assessments, lack of knowledge
17:47 – The acid test for health and safety at any event + ignorance is no defence
21:30 – Health and safety is not just about big events – a personal story and an appeal
23:43 – Either/Or – a quick round
26:00 – Freelancers and events: considerations and best practices
32:17 – Common mistakes Agencies make with events
32:53 – Common mistakes Brand owners make
34:34 – Common mistakes Suppliers make
40:13 – Stand out moments of the last year #metoo #WorldCupRussia #CSR


Gill Harvey
Cassander van Eerd

Randle Stonier

Three Blind Mice is edited and mixed by Sam Williams at RightRoyalAudio.com
Produced by www.radio.events

© Copyright 2018 Radio.Events

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