VoGs – what are they, who are they and some useful tips – Part 1 : Episode 002

5 Oct, 2018

“So are there loads of women VoGs in boxing?”
“No, I’m the only one.”

Every event is different. Every event has its own ebb and flow, and rhythm and its own personality and part of the Voice of God’s job is to tune into that.”


3-part episode: Part 1 – What is a VOG, how you become one, why good ones are important to event professionals and how these three talented individuals became part of the live events scene.

Episode notes

00:50 – Why VoGs are important
01:27 – What is a VoG and what do they actually do in Live Events?
01:35 – Mystery VoG 1 defines a VoG
02:37 – Mystery VoG 2 disembodied or?
02:54 – How do you become a VoG
03:30 – Mystery VoG 2 is unmasked + her personal story
04:43 – Ringside with Verity Panter
06:07 – Mystery VoG 3 revealed + her personal story
07:25 – Mystery VoG 1 comes clean and shares his Jackanory
08:47 – VoG 1 – my first live event
09:19 – Personifying the event brand
10:47 – Switching gears across voice genres and event types
12:10 – Is it just about the voice?
13:27 – Preparing an event script for a VoG
13:40 – How to announce someone at a live event
16:16 – Name phonetics anyone
16:49 – Voicing names at an award ceremony – The Mixology Awards with Katie Flamman
17:27 – Life as a boxing VoG – Verity Panter
20:43 – Three magic words + 1 important noise Peter Dickson uses as a VoG


Katie Flamman
Verity Panter
Peter Dickson

Randle Stonier

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