VoGs – tips, tricks and great stories – Part 2 : Episode 003

5 Oct, 2018

“Mr Cameron has passed me a note and he said that he has a meeting with the Japanese prime minister in the morning and he’s asked us all if we could possibly just keep the noise down as he wants an early night. “

“That was a real squeaky botty moment, wasn’t it?”

“They take that risk upon themselves, but they will employ a voice of God to do prerecorded announcements. “


3-part episode: Part 2/3 – Voice of Gods smooth over the cracks at Live Events as our VoG guests share their tips and stories.

Episode notes

1:50 – Pre recorded VoG clips
4:00 – Why a live VoG is better than pre-recorded
5:20 – Here, there and everywhere or working from home?
7:20 – Visualising your audience
8:55 – Why connecting is so very important
11:00 – Stories from the Gods – the good, the bad and the ‘bloomin’ ugly’ at live events


Katie Flamman
Verity Panter
Peter Dickson

Randle Stonier

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