Events and event tech with Julius Solaris Part 1 : Episode 005

5 Oct, 2018

“There’s a core belief in business in this country. That you can make it in the American dream – running successful businesses, in achieving objectives. And I really love that. “

“And 360 degree virtual tours are becoming the norm even in exhibitions like IMEX.”

“…This efficiency level, it’s so important. In the Event Tech Bible… we talk about the process of efficiencies and how having only one software for running your event immediately points out the efficiencies that you could reach for your smaller meetings. “

“Technology speeds up the process. “


In the 1st of 2-part episodes, Three Blind Mice talk with Julius Solaris about life and events in the USA vs Europe, the changing world of event technology, the M&A taking place and what that means for event stakeholders. We highlight that tangible metrics, granular reports and actionable insights are the only accountable way to deliver successful events. We discuss 100-200 pax size events and how technology is enabling big efficiencies and transforming the planning process with search filters and 360º tours/show-rounds.

Episode notes

0:09 – Welcome
06:58 – Life in the USA
08:19 – USA vs European events
10:47 – Event technology has only just begun
13:08 – Face to Face doesn’t mean technology can’t help transform the experience and the results
18:01 – Event technology isn’t just about big conferences and trade shows – the 100-200 pax events can gain tremendously.
22:18 – Transforming the venue planning process.
23:56 – Venues and hotels must transform their websites for event planners or die
360º tours/show-rounds, online and on the exhibition stand.


Julius Solaris

Randle Stonier

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