Events and event tech with Julius Solaris Part 2 : Episode 006

5 Oct, 2018

“When I talk about VR, I talk mostly about 360 degree live video, which I think is one of the most untapped opportunities for event professionals right now.”

“I think that smart badges need to become the standard. I think we’re missing on a huge opportunity when it gets to analyzing traffic and data.”

The new world of events is about Actionable data, better understanding of buyer behaviour, mid-course corrections on existing events and actionable insights to help us improve future ones; providing attendees with a much richer and more personalized experience.”

“I’m desperate about facial recognition (in events) in the sense that I don’t understand what is there to think about?”


Three Blind Mice talk with Julius Solaris, founder of the Event Managers Blog about what event technology we should be aware of and considering as part of event solutions.

Episode notes

00:42 – What event tech and marketing tech should we have on our radar screens?
01:15 – AR, VR and Mixed Reality
04:12 – 360° degree live video is an opportunity that’s being missed by event professionals
08:06 – Facial recognition and how that could impact events
12:47 – Ticket scalping at events
14:39 – Event chatbots – what are they and how can they help event organisers?
23:22 – Voice is the next big enabler for event organisers
25:21 – Live transcription/translation of speakers at events
27:18 – We’ll see larger event tech tools shipping with great vertical integration (more functional modules added on)
27:40 – Smart badges
28:56 –, Event Tech Bible, Event Trends, 29 Event Case Studies from around the world, EMBlog on YouTube
31:44 – Personal advice from Julius
34:11 – A reflective comment and thoughts for the Events Industry from the Honorary Doc
40:35 – How you can help support Three Blind Mice


Julius Solaris

Randle Stonier

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