“Speaking Talent” with Maria Franzoni Part 2 : Episode 010

6 Dec, 2018

“The future of public speaking is bright”

“In order to understand the process of Creativity, we actually have to ask what is at the heart of Creativity?”

“We had a really clear vision and we had a really clear purpose.”

“Diapers that can tweet to a baby’s mother when a baby wets itself.”


In Part 2/2 I persuade Maria Franzoni – a speaker bureau professional of some 20+ years to name a few names and share some clips of Angela Oguntala , Dr Beau Lotto and Caspar Craven, plus anecdote, budgeting and the changing face of the professional speaker business.

Episode notes

01.10 – Today’s big topics, speakers and trends
(3 speaker names and clips for reference:)
2:32 – Angela Oguntala
6:27 – Dr Beau Lotto
13:00 – Caspar Craven
18:29 – Anecdotes
20:43 – Buyer beware
21:42 – Budgeting
23:10 – The changing face of the speaker business
25:02 – The future of public speaking is bright


Maria Franzoni – Maria Franzoni Limited speaker bureau
Spoken appearances from:
Angela Oguntala
Dr Beau Lotto
Caspar Craven

Randle Stonier

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