Advertise, sponsor or be a supportive patron. For a few $pondulies, it could be yours.


Advertise, sponsor or be a supportive patron. For a few $pondulies, it could be yours.

Sadly, everything costs money. And we’d love to get your support to keep making things happen. We’re very flexible. And there are a few ways you can help Three Blind MICE – as a Patron (via Patreon) or as a Sponsor.


Do you remember hearing the word “patronage”? It’s how Shakespeare wrote so many plays and Michelangelo painted the Cistine Chapel. A few kindly supporters who helped put food on the table.

To help ‘patrons’ support Three Blind MICE, we’ve found this great crowdfunding platform for creators, called Patreon. And really, there isn’t a better description.

The company name is a combination of two words:

  • Patron: a person who gives financial, or other support
  • Eon – the word to mean an indefinite or very long period of time, often used rhetorically, as it is in this case.

Together, these words combine to create the word Patreon, a person that funds a creator or creators for an ongoing period of time.

How it works

If you want to be a part of our beautiful MICE community and help me create open-hearted, informative, entertaining podcasts and content that help enrich the world of events, pledge (link to come) something. It can be a one-off donation, or something ongoing (select from our tier options) and you’ll receive our personal thanks and exclusive rewards in exchange! To find out more and to become forever in our debt, check out our Patreon page


Alternatively, as a sponsor, your brand could appear here on our website, in our podcast, or both. Here are a few examples.

Pre-Rolls are advertising spots that lie at the beginning of our podcast, as part of our introduction.

Post-Rolls are almost identical to pre-rolls but could sit towards the end of our podcast. They can be slightly longer, lasting up to 30 seconds.

Mid-Rolls are the final type of ad spot and these are different from the others in being more in-depth.

Sometimes sponsors want to purchase all three of these advertising blocks together. If this is the case we’d be happy to throw in the post-roll for free, just to give a bulk discount and to offer a bit of extra value.

Sponsor an episode – speaks for itself

Other options
And, we have some of the real-estate of our website and our email as additional options. Plus we could run some spot prizes… plus plus.

Do feel free to talk to us. Thank you.

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