Brilliant work. Growing sales. Award after award. What’s the story Jackanory? Part 1 : Episode 011

24 Jan, 2019

Awards are very important and why shouldn’t they be?’

Agency of the Year – ‘Clients, the team, our freelance support, our suppliers, they all should share it. They all contribute to it.’

‘What do you think goes into a great award entry submission?’

‘It’s no mean achievement to come back from losing 40 percent of your business in one year.’


In Part 1/3 we talk award fever, ‘secrets of success’, new shareholders and some changes at Smyle.

Episode notes

02:08 – Winning Agency of the Year and securing a place of the Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic FastTrack
04:43 – Sold, some, but not all of us. Putting the record straight
08:51 – Awards are important and why shouldn’t they be?
11:23 – Who goes into a great award submission
15:44 – Celebrating winning
18:58 – Smyle – The story so far, the ups, downs and ups.


Rick Stainton, CEO of Smyle

Randle Stonier

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