Brilliant work. Growing sales. Award after award. What’s the story Jackanory? Part 3 : Episode 013

24 Jan, 2019

‘I cannot remember the last time the event industry press were represented in the national press.’

‘This is a real challenge – the fragmentation of trade bodies across the events industry landscape.’

‘Government aren’t really listening.’

‘A lack of barrier to entry for our industry is fantastic.’

‘I think the one issue we do have as industry is defining ourselves.’


In Part 3/3 we talk the wider industry – health and safety, poor Government engagement, a lack of influence and leadership from event press and trade bodies, and moonlighting at The Ministry of Sound.

Episode notes

56:23 – Talking case studies
01:02:35 – Industry licensing and regulation 
01:06:37 – Defining our industry. 
01:08:29 – Raising our profile through the media and trade associations
01:10:13 – Expanding overseas – we need better support from Government. 
01:13:31 – Two Jobs Stainton – Mixing the Ministry of Sound and the day job.


Rick Stainton, CEO of Smyle

Randle Stonier

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