VoGs – Tips, tricks and words from the wise – Part 3: Episode 004

5 Oct, 2018

“Any show with the name ‘celebrité’ or ‘celebrity’ in it generally means there aren’t any celebrities in it!”

“I think Michael Buffer is fantastic in the boxing ring, so I watched an awful lot of his work, but I think it’s time for him to retire.”

“‘Research is key for every event’”

“And I had another glass of wine and that’s when it all went wrong.”

“I learned an awful lot and I owe a great debt of gratitude to Sir Terry Wogan.”


3-part episode: Part 3/3 – Voice of Gods smooth over the cracks at Live Events. In this episode our VoG guests share their tips and stories.

Episode notes

1:00 – How we nearly lost Peter Dickson – all in the cause of ‘celebrity’
2:37 – Katie Flamman wins a big gong
4:50 – You’ve met so many talented people, who really stood out for you and why? Verity, Katie and Peter share their inspiration
10:13 – How do you become a voice artist/voice of god?
13:14 – Stepping into the boxing ring
14:20 – Stepping out of your comfort zone
16:23 – Introducing Her Majesty The Queen
16:52 – ‘What if….’
18:10 – Some of the many voices of the professional voice artist with Peter Dickson
19:58 – How do you contact these professional Voice of Gods/voice artists? Check out the episode page on Radio.Events


Katie Flamman
Verity Panter
Peter Dickson

Randle Stonier

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