“Speaking Talent” with Maria Franzoni : Episode 009

6 Dec, 2018

“You have to understand what does success look like? What are we aiming to achieve afterwards?”

“Speakers start at around £3k and our top speaker is £1m.”

“A bureau will give you a fall-back position if something happens to your speaker”

“Many clients spend less money on their external expert than they do on the cakes. “


In Part 1/2 we talk the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of hiring keynote speakers for events with Maria Franzoni – a speaker bureau professional of some 20+ years.

Episode notes

0:32 Introduction
2:16 Getting into the Speaker business
6:12 Before booking speaker talent
9:15 Benefits of using a speaker bureau
15:19 What do speakers cost? Cost v Value
19:05 What extras to think about
20:30 Do’s and Don’ts
22:35 Finding the right speakers, the wow factor
30:10 Pre event arrangements
34:08 The speaker briefing
35:30 The big day
38:14 Post event


Maria Franzoni – Maria Franzoni Limited speaker bureau

Randle Stonier

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